Enza Fasano

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About Enza Fasano...

Enza Fasano, the daughter of Grottaglie’s most famous and highly esteemed Master of Ceramic Art, Nicola Fasano, was born amidst pottery and has been nourished by it throughout her life, devoloping her own unique and refined taste. Now, along with her husband, Salvatore Santoro, she experiments with shapes, colours and patterns, while remaining true to tradition, so as to create extremely sophisticated pieces aimed at satisfying very demanding customers from all over the world. Enza Fasano’s renovated showroom welcomes customers and visitors with a collection of lights, colours and shapes, inviting everyone to linger amidst the hundreds of artefacts of extraordinary beauty, displayed in the spacious rooms and small niches that make up this splendid shop of earthly tradition.

-From the Enza Fasano website

The Work of Enza Fasano

Mimi y Roberto traveled to Puglia to visit the famous ceramic town of Grottaglie, where they fell in love with the colorful work of Enza Fasano.