George Dymesich


About George ...

George Dymesich graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a double major in Art & Ceramics with honors. He teaches pottery workshops for the Santa Cruz Adult School, gives private lessons and organizes and leads small groups of students to Japan to study ceramics.

"My pottery is influenced by both Western and Asian potters. I want vessels or forms to be functional and to bring beauty to our living spaces. Japanese potters have taught me introspection. To go within myself and grasp the concept of the form or design that I am creating. It is an internal quietness. Western philosophy tends to have you look outwards, away from yourself. You are always looking for something 'out there' to satisfy you. I believe that as you get more introspective, the clay talks to you more, and you become more attuned to it so that you work together better. It is like a long relationship that develops over time."

The Work of George Dymesich

Mimi y Roberto traveled to Japan with George four times to learn more about the country's master potters and pottery traditions.